Optimizing the Role of Parents as Facilitators in Online Learning Activities


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Education is a pillar of a nation’s civilization, which is a measure of the success of the country. In addition, education can also affect people’s lives. The output of the education program is the formation of qualified, independent, and prosperous people. Regardless of the conditions a country is facing, education must not stop, especially during the increasing spread of the corona virus in various parts of Indonesia.

The corona virus has spread rampantly and disrupted activities in hundreds of counties, including Indonesia. The corona virus attack has hampered community activities, causing economic activity to cripple. The corona virus itself has also hampered teaching and learning activities for students throughout Indonesia for Elementary School (SD), Junior High School (SMP), and Public / Vocational High School (SMA / K) levels on a regular basis. This condition makes online learning an alternative substitute for face-to-face learning activities for Elementary School (SD), Junior High School (SMP), and General / Vocational High School (SMA / K) levels.

In online learning activities, one of the main supporting facilities is the existence of adequate internet capacity. Besides that, the existence of parents is also important as another key factor in the activities of learning from home. The role of parents in learning from home is as a facilitator. As we know, a facilitator is someone who facilitates learning activities such as preparing infrastructure and online media operations to help facilitate students in the online learning process.

One of the ‘temptations’ of students’ parents or guardians when becoming facilitators in online learning activities is to become the source and answer key for every online learning task from school, especially at the elementary school level, of course this must be avoided, because students’ independence in their study activities must take precedence. Parents must continue to be facilitators for their children in independent learning activities at home during this corona pandemic. What must be considered are the three roles of parents as facilitators in learning from home, namely first, parents provide guidance to their children about what they should do, second, parents should support learning activities from home by ensuring a stable internet access and third, they should always be willing to listen and provide comfort to their children in undergoing the learning process from home optimally. Of course, in order to be a good facilitator for children during the study from home period, there are several things that need to be done by parents and guardians as facilitators. Among other things, as parents, we should always create a comfortable atmosphere, believe in the abilities of our children, give them the opportunities to express their aspirations creatively, be empathetic and sensitive to our children’s concerns and discomfort. However, we should not patronize or dominate and impose our own opinions. Online learning activities certainly have many obstacles, such as the level of mastery of technology, the quality of various cellphones and laptops due to the different economic levels in each family, low network and so on. However obstacles are not hindrances to learning activities, because like it or not, with whatever conditions occur, teaching and learning activities must continue. Of course, the role of parents as facilitators is needed to support the effectiveness and independence of students in carrying out learning activities from home as long as the corona virus pandemic continues until an undetermined time limit

Compiled by Erni Halim from various sources on October 17, 2020
and translated using google translate on October 21, 2020.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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