Elementary School

Metta Elementary School is a National School applying K13 as our national curriculum under the Indonesian Ministry of Education, and supported by Cambridge programs as our core subjects.
Our students are also equipped with Mandarin skills as written and oral communication tool alongside with their fluency in English and Bahasa Indonesia.

Metta School emphasizes on balance combination of academic and character, the ‘double helix’ of education. High academic achievement and cultivation of virtues are to happen together. Metta School is aiming at more than schooling, but education as a whole where teachers are the students’ coaches, assisting them to achieve their very best version since each child is special.

Metta School keeps the student-teacher ratio small where teachers and students work together as a close-knit community. The intimate settings allow teachers to more easily develop shared norms and practices, to create a community within the school where caring is a product of individuals knowing each other in multiple ways.

Curriculum Overview

Our curriculum comprises the following development areas:
Courses in cognitive area are designed to provide rigorous lessons to support students’ development of higher level, critical thinking skills and motivation for acquisition of new knowledge. Courses in social and emotional area cultivate our students’ social skills to build values, moral, ethics, cooperation, and constructive behaviour for spiritual maturity.

Courses in physical area foster readiness to convert learnt skills into actions with proficiency and confidence in addition to vivid creativity across disciplines. Specific courses focus on language and communication and curricular integration equip students to thrive in the classroom and in the world beyond with flexibility, initiative, cooperation, self-efficacy, productivity and leadership.

School Hours

Grade 1-3: 08.00-14.00*
Grade 4-6: 08.00-15.00*
*regular school hour without excul activities


Core subjects:
English, Chinese, Mathematics and Science

Other subjects:
Tematik, ICT, Dizigui, Moral Education, PE, Art, Music, Javanese (Grade 4-6)

High Quality Instruction & Broad-based Assessment

Emphasis is placed on instruction that is a balance of highly structured direct instruction and various student‐centered-learning strategies such as project-based learning and cooperative learning. To ensure high quality instruction, teachers and instructors assess student learning thoroughly with both traditional tests aligned with Cambridge checkpoint tests and authentic performance-based assessments.

Formal Assessment

National Examination

At the end of grade 6, students take National Examination (Ujian Sekolah) in Bahasa Indonesia, Matematika and IPA. When students graduate, they are not only equipped with an internationally-recognized diagnostic feedback, but also a nationally-recognized certificate.

Cambridge Primary Checkpoint

It is designed to help students learn by providing comprehensive feedback on their strengths and weaknesses in the key curriculum areas – English, Mathematics and Science. Metta administers this Checkpoint assessment in the end of grade 6. It is compulsory for all grade 6 students to sit for the test. Test fee is charged to parents. The tests are exclusively available to schools that offer Cambridge Primary and as stated, generally taken at the end of the final year of the program. They are marked by Cambridge and provide schools with an international benchmark for learner performance. Each learner receives a statement of achievement and a diagnostic feedback report, giving schools invaluable information and parents extra trust in the feedback they receive.

Special Programs

Our special programs activities are designed to provide a productive break from study, to build skills outside of the classroom and to give opportunities to our students to address their interests and find new ones. This could also provide a channel for reinforcing the lessons learned in the classroom, in the sense of applying their academic skills in a real-world context, and thus this is a part of well-rounded education.

  • Extracurricular Activities for lower primary : Buddhism, Lego, Cartoon drawing, Singing Club, Hiphop, Basketball, Craft Attack
  • Extracurricular Activities for upper primary : Buddhism, Robotics, Cartoon drawing, Singing Club, Hiphop, Basketball, Craft Attack
  • Field Trip
  • School Events
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