Staying Active During the Pandemic? Why Not?

By: M. Afif FadlyTranslation by: Gregoria Mayang “Healthy mind dwells in a healthy body.” While a clear distinction is often made between ‘body’ and ‘mind’, physical and mental are interconnected. The two should not be thought of as separate for poor physical health can lead to increased risk of developing mental health problems and vice […]

The Magic of Game Producing

By: Pvt.Arnold What does it take to make a good game?There is never an end when it comes to games. There is always a new game each year. This 2020 for instance, a new game called Cyberpunk 2077 has been recently released. Cyberpunk 2077 is basically about cyberpunk world. However, this game received a lot […]

Developing Long-Term Saving Through Piggy Bank Art

by Kindergarten Teachers Creativity is often associated with positive emotions such as joy, love, and curiosity. Through art, we can explore and develop new ideas or inspiration to enrich our own creativity. Art is also one of the various things that influence our emotional intelligence. It allows us to learn a new perspective and meaning beyond […]

Learning and Spelling New Words Can Be Fun

By: Kindergarten teachers School is about learning and learning should ALWAYS be fun. It doesn’t mean all play and no work. It doesn’t mean watering down subjects and curriculum with activities simply to “add” fun. Here we will talk about extracting the truly amazing, marvelous, and, yes, fun elements of all that we are learning […]

Is the reward method good for our children?

By: Kindergarten teachers Most of the parents wonder about how the “reward method” works or even concern about the outcome. Therefore, let’s discuss the “reward method.” Behaviors are more likely to happen again when followed by a positive consequence like a reward. This is true for all behaviors, even those you don’t want to happen […]

The Importance of Physical Education

By: Preschool Teachers Considering mental health, physical education has the potential to boost children’s memories, as well as improving their concentration to help them learn many things every day. Having physical education is very important to facilitate their learning. For children to grow up healthy, it’s important they are physically active and eat healthy foods […]



Keeds, Teens and Screen

By: Rycha Susanto Children nowadays are more exposed to digital platforms. This, on one hand, advantages the children for the access to enriching and educational websites are just one click away. The threats posed, however, could be alarming. Below are some strategies to help our children be smart, cautious and savvy. Please do not inspire […]

Assembling and Flying in That Very Airplane

by English Primary Teachers The pandemic of COVID-19 has made people avoid or at least put face-to-face activities into minimum, including school activities.  Many schools are closed temporarily and a new way of learning is applied – distance learning. Its application seems to be an alternative to keep education running. Some may be wondering why […]