By: 林梦缘老师 于大家所知道的,语言是学习和认识四周东西的媒体,沟通的工具,而小朋友发展的黄金期就于“0” 到“六”岁。因此我们可以在这段期限内,可以帮儿童观察四周的东西和环境 而 透过和我们的交流去发展自己的语言能力。 顺着年龄的成长,小朋友展现语言能力之程度会有不同的进展 其实在这阶段,我们应该让儿童一点儿了解一些外语例如:英文和汉语。学外语最适当于学生词开始,学说话,后会慢慢把词汇连一连成句来表达意思。 METTA 学校从PS1有教汉语课, 老师们给小朋友介绍一些周围事物的简单生词。 在5月份,我们有介绍给孩子“野生动物“。未介绍前,会先给小朋友看段的卡通片关于动物,看完后开始介绍 “野生动物”有这些:   老师也慢慢得请每个小朋友慢慢地跟着念。介绍后,老师会给他们简单的活动,像涂颜色, 贴纸等等。 在介绍时,老师会用有兴趣的画画使得学生可以更容易了解,也让他们对事物有一点影响。  

Learning Music for Kindergarten

By: Ms. Bernadette Shanti Why do children need to learn music at their early age, such as in Kindergarten? Do we prepare them to be musicians or music performers? The answer can be the same as we change the word ‘music’ into ‘science’ or ‘sport’. Learning Science doesn’t mean to be a scientist because it’s […]

Teen activities while staying at home

By  Rachelle During the pandemic, many activities such as gatherings, doing sports outdoor, going to malls, going to schools and having face-to-face meetings have been put to a hold. However, we, teenagers, have still managed to do activities whilst staying at home in quarantine. Thanks to online learning, we are able to stay at home […]

Why is ICT Important for Early Childhood?

By: Mr. Steven ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) is part of the children’s world today and it is relevant in developing different types of skills children need in their lives. The benefits of ICT in Early Childhood Education are: Fine motor skillsFine motor skills are the small movements that occur in the hands, wrists, fingers, […]

Fun Ways for Kids to Learn Opposites

By: Preschool Teachers Understanding language is important for a child to communicate successfully with others. Reading, writing, and oral language skills are all about words. Introducing the child to opposites not only increases vocabulary, but it is a fun activity that forces the child to use higher-order thinking skills thereby building his/her intelligence. For a […]

Children Developing Independence

By: Preschool Teachers Preschool-age children develop a sense of independence by practicing skills and doing things for themselves. Developing independence in children is not easy. It can take an infinite amount of patience. In order to raise a child who will become increasingly more independent as they grow older, we should teach them life skills, […]

Exercising Practical Life through Montessori

By: Preschool Teachers Parents have a lot of dreams and imagination about their child’s educational program. Feeding the right education will make the children’s future bright. Montessori is one of the subjects that is offered in Metta School. The Montessori methods of education was developed by Italian physician Maria Montessori. Montessori education helps your child […]

Matching and Sorting Skills for Preschool

By: Preschool Teachers Education is a part of life. It should be fun and exciting especially for kids. Giving a simple activity with great benefits would be helpful to develop their understanding. One of the simple activities that have lots of benefits is matching and sorting activity or games. Matching and sorting are the simplest […]


By: Peng laoshi 在這國際化的現代裡,學習其他的語言可以幫助孩子們增加世界觀。往後,也可以在外地開設公司或著引進其他國家的商品來促進觀光以及經濟。Metta School是提倡三種語言的學校,除了基本的母語印尼文,也要求學生學習英文以及中文。讓小孩從小就與國際接軌,我認為這樣子能幫小孩子建立未來的橋樑,也讓小孩子贏在人生的起跑點。學習語言的優點也有很多,例如:

Show Your Kindness – Spread the Love

By: Kindergarten Teachers Metta School values ​​moral education for our children. One of the essences of moral lessons itself is kindness. Kindness matters. It can turn a child’s whole day around. When you have kind children, the day is brighter and more productive too. How can we as teachers improve our kids’ behavior and attitudes […]