Fundamental Step to Learning English


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Learning vocabulary is the fundamental step to learning English as a foreign language. It is essential for young learner’s communication and knowledge. There are a lot of methods or ways that can help kids learn new English vocabularies. One of them is using the media. The main function of the media is students become enthusiastic and interesting toward the lesson. Although this pandemic condition forces the students to do distance learning, it wouldn’t change their responsibility as a student. According to teaching English vocabularies for preschoolers, the teachers in Preschool 1 of Metta School use flashcards as a media to introduce the vocabularies during online School. For example, in October PS1 English theme is about pets. The teacher shows some pet animals through the picture. After explaining the new vocabularies, the teacher asks students to repeat the words in order to make sure that they can pronounce them correctly. There is also a question and answer session to get more information about student’s understanding according to the lesson given. Thus, using media can help teachers to make the teaching learning process more fun. In this case, flashcard is an effective media to increase the student vocabularies.


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