Crossing the Waves: Metta Elementary School’s Tour to Koarmada II and Cavalry 2 Surabaya


Witnessing the Courage of the Indonesian Armed Forces in Preserving Indonesia’s Seas

As a maritime nation surrounded by vast waters, Indonesia has significant challenges in monitoring and protecting its maritime territory. On a very valuable occasion, Friday, April 5, 2024, we enthusiastically visited Kolat Koarmada II (Komando Armanda RI Kawasan Timur/East Command Center), the largest naval base in Indonesia, located along the northern coast of Surabaya. Given its highly strategic location, Koarmada II is one of the vital bodies within the Indonesian Navy Command that oversees the central part of Indonesia’s maritime territory.

During the visit, Metta Elementary School students were escorted by several naval staff members who explained and comprehensively illustrated the facilities and infrastructure supporting the Navy’s military operations. This ranged from docks accommodating various types of warships to advanced logistics and communication facilities. Additionally, we were given the opportunity to interact with Koarmada II personnel, including officers, sailors, and dedicated technicians. They warmly welcomed us all and explained their duties, the challenges they faced, and the importance of teamwork in executing complex maritime operations.

Still, within the Koarmada II area, we were also given another rare opportunity to visit Cavalry Unit 2. Although typically associated with land operations, the Cavalry also plays a crucial role in coastal surveillance, supporting troop landings, and protecting ships in open waters. We received in-depth explanations and were introduced to various combat vehicle units, including amphibious vehicles specially designed for operations in coastal and shallow waters, as well as armored vehicles equipped with advanced weapons to support ground battles. Additionally, we were invited to take photos together with the Navy personnel.

Thus, our Metta Elementary School field trip to Koarmada II and Cavalry 2 was truly memorable. Not only did it provide insights into military operations, but it also deepened our understanding of the role, commitment, and contribution of the Indonesian Armed Forces in preparing for future challenges. We are proud and confident that Indonesia is capable of safeguarding its maritime security.

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