Steps to Metta School Enrollment

Talk to Us
Contact or visit Metta School online or offline to ask about our school programs, enrollment procedures, and other information you need to get to know us.
Below are our programs and age range:

  1. Toddler and Preschool
    Toddler: students aged 1-2 years old
    Preschool 1: students aged 2-3 years old
    Preschool 2: students aged 3-4 years old
  2. Kindergarten
    Kindergarten 1: students aged 4-5 years old
    Kindergarten 2: students aged 5-6 years old
  3. Elementary
    Grade 1: students aged 6-7 years old
  4. Junior High School
    Grade 7: students aged 12-13 years old

Register and Submit Your Child’s Application
Register online by visiting Metta School website, and then choose ‘apply’. The application will be processed once all required documents are submitted and the deposit fee settled.

Complete the Assessment and Observation
All prospective students will be observed through:

  • Academic assessment: covering English, Chinese, Math, and Science competence.
  • Interviews: student and parent interviews

The result of assessment and observation is analyzed for admission.

The school will analyze your profile from the submitted documents and assessment and observation results that have been completed. The data analysis process may take up to 10 working days.
Statement of results will be sent to you after the conclusion is drawn.
The school shall contact you should the process takes longer than it normally does.

Complete the Admission requirements
Once admitted, students are required to submit all documents required to be enrolled at Metta School within 30 working days. The school shall inform you of the procedures for completing your application.


Above are the whole Enrollment Steps at Metta School.
When all are fulfilled, parents will receive a confirmation from the school, and we shall welcome you and your child to our big Metta School family where we educate young hearts and minds.