Independence Day 2022


By: Yunita Setyani

The theme of our Independence Day this year is “Pulih Lebih Cepat Bangkit Lebih Kuat”, inspired by Indonesian citizens’ spirit to fight and recover from Covid-19. Things were relatively tough for all of us due to the sudden Covid-19 outbreak. People couldn’t get out and spend most of their time at home, including children who had to study from screen to screen with their teachers for almost two years. Nevertheless, we can survive the pandemic due to the intense spirit to make everything better and recover faster. Things started to get back to normal gradually. People can finally continue their activities outside their houses, and children can also get back to school with a strict health protocol. The online school had changed into Offline School with some shifting in some aspects to keep everyone safe.

Metta School also participated in celebrating Indonesia’s Independence Day this year. It’s great to be back to school again since the teachers worked together to organize some fun games for the students. They can join and refresh their minds. There were some fun games for the students according to their classes, from Preschool 1 until Kindergarten 2. They get rewards after playing fun games. The game in the picture taken above was the “Island to Island” game. Students should compete individually and be the fastest to win the game. The situation was very amusing, and everyone cheered for those who were competing supportively. The game went smoothly with every participant’s excitement. The whole atmosphere on that day was very joyful for both teachers and students since everyone laughed and cheered loudly. We always encourage the students to do their best in everything, and they don’t need to be afraid of losing. Hopefully, all of us can survive until the end of this pandemic and get back to our routine daily life with good health and happiness.

Happy 77th Independence Day to our beloved Indonesia!
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