Character Building in Metta School


One of the most important aspects of child development is character building. Metta School is a school that brings moral education to its utmost concern. Here in Metta School, children are taught many things about being a good person by developing some good manners such as “being punctual”. People say, “Time is money” as the expression that we should not waste time as many good things or good opportunities can pass by or happen during the time that we might waste. Through this concern, Metta School delivers the importance of being punctual in moral education class. Through a fun story telling “Pedro is Late”, Kindergarten 1 students are invited to think the consequences of not being punctual. Therefore, they can see what good thing that they can miss if they are late. Teachers also explain about other examples of being punctual in the school activities, such as coming to school on-time, eating meal and doing assignments in allotted time, and also submitting assignments on-time. Moral education should be taught from the earliest age in order to produce young learners with a good integrity and ready to be sent in society.

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