World Mathematics Invitational (WMI) is a prestigious international mathematics competition founded and organized by American Mathematics Society (USA), Taiwan Mathematics Organization (TMO), and Korean Gifted Students Evaluation Association (South Korea).

WMI motivates math students to raise their logical reasoning, to acquire new mathematics problem solving skills, and to experience a sense of accomplishment.

The competition, attracted students from several countries – Brazil, South Korea, Bulgaria, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Macau, Malaysia, Myanmar, Laos, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States, Vietnam, Australia WMI has gathered organizations from America, China, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Nigeria, Hong Kong, Macao, and Iran that give impetus to math education and popularization.

5209 students joined WMI Indonesia Preliminary round.

The competition was held on Saturday, 29 February 2020 and opened to levels Kindergarten 2 to Grade 12

Winners from Metta School:

  • Silver
    Nicholas Jayden Zein (Grade 2)
    Devan  Dharma  Dwiadmodjo  (Grade 2)
    Rachel Sudjono  (Grade 3)
  • Bronze
    Stefirstine Setiawan  (Grade 1)
    Olivia Tanaja (Grade 2)
    Jason Akira Lee (Grade 3)
    Faustina Leonita  (Grade 6)

JISMO (Japan International Science Mathematics Olympiads)

The competition, attracted students from Japan, Singapore, Phillipines, Thailand and Indoneisa. 2527 participants from Indonesia who joined Jismo Auntumn 2020.

Jismo competition was held on 7 Saturdays since 24 October 2020 to 7 November 2020 and opened to levels Grade 2 to Grade 6.

Winners from Metta School :


  • Ruby
    Nicholas Jayden Zein (P3)
    Devan Dharma Dwiadmojo (P3)
    Nicholas Tanaja (P5)
  • Emerald
    Arleen Warner ongkojoyo (P4)
    Ryu Adhikumara Chandra (P6)
  • Sapphire
    Allan Sven Motanto (P3)
    Winston Wibowo Ongko (P3)
    Claire Susanto (P5)                                
  • Good Effort
    Effen Valerina Tandiono (P3)
    Marcell Fredson Kuncoro(P4)


  • Emerald
    Marcell Fredson Kuncoro (P4)
  • Good Effort
    Sophie Eloise Husein (P3)
    Nicholas  Jaden Husein (P5)
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