Keeds, Teens and Screen


By: Rycha Susanto

Children nowadays are more exposed to digital platforms. This, on one hand, advantages the children for the access to enriching and educational websites are just one click away. The threats posed, however, could be alarming. Below are some strategies to help our children be smart, cautious and savvy.

Please do not inspire fear in the children; fear that the world is never a safe place for it is full of people with bad intentions. Instead, parents can tell that there could be a chance when someone approaches them online to get personal information, exchange pictures, and/or meet in person, etc., and it might be someone who feels like an online friend. When that happens, prompt children to get help from an adult.

It is also best to always be in the chatgroups your children are in. If they are in social media, friend or follow them.

Communication is the key. To probe deeper, ask questions about the people they meet online and help them set the concept of privacy since the beginning.  It is important that they know basic digital citizenship and online privacy information. Parents could encourage children to be mindful about their digital footprint and how hard it is to get rid of.

Limiting screen time is also a major one. Let’s not let our children be nurtured by games, chatrooms, websites, or other online platforms. Children may turn to screen after loneliness. It could be after the thought that it is the very place where they can have someone to talk to, spend time with and find one who listens and cares. Then, let’s be that person. Encourage activities involving social skills, provide other resources as options, and at most, always set an example and get involved.

Intimate life details between children and parents are required for successful parenting.
We hope this will help protect our children and help parents feel a lot better.

Resources and further reading:–stats-about-online-predators-and-precautions-parec47b01a336

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