Teen activities while staying at home


By  Rachelle

During the pandemic, many activities such as gatherings, doing sports outdoor, going to malls, going to schools and having face-to-face meetings have been put to a hold. However, we, teenagers, have still managed to do activities whilst staying at home in quarantine.

Thanks to online learning, we are able to stay at home and make time for activities that we would like to do. For instance, during break, we can cook ourselves a meal, help around the house, or simply enjoy the day at our desk watching Youtube and listening to music. Alongside free time and staying at home, we can also acquire new skills or develop our interests during quarantine. Some of these activities include drawing, singing, doing sports, cooking, doing chores around the house, or publishing entertainment videos on various apps : like Tiktok, Youtube, or Instagram.

Our time is then divided between online meetings and things that we would like to do. Throughout all this, we have discovered new skills and activities to spend our time on and it is really fun.

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