Learning and Spelling New Words Can Be Fun


By: Kindergarten teachers

School is about learning and learning should ALWAYS be fun. It doesn’t mean all play and no work. It doesn’t mean watering down subjects and curriculum with activities simply to “add” fun. Here we will talk about extracting the truly amazing, marvelous, and, yes, fun elements of all that we are learning and teaching. Then, we see it as our goal to teach these “fun” truths to our students at the end that they will appreciate the natural joy to be had in all of learning.

For many of us, we may feel different sensations during school periods, especially in kindergarten. Kindergarten is a level educational approach based on playing, singing, practical activities such as drawing, and social interaction as part of the transition from preschool to kindergarten. On this level, Metta School students are expected to be able to learn, spell, and recall new words based on our monthly English themes.

Learning and spelling these new words can be fun. On this November, Metta Kindergarten 1 students learn about things at home as an English theme. We, as the teachers introduce things at home through flashcards, then encourage our students to spell names of those things together. They are really excited and don’t want to leave out because things at home are really close to their daily life. Some students also show real stuff such as the broom, wall, curtain, door, and so on to the teachers during this distance learning. This activity also reinforces their ability at learning letters as well. The teachers also encourage the students to be more active in using vocabulary learned at home while having conversations with their parents. A game activity is provided as well by the teachers to make the learning process more fun. The teachers choose one student who can sit nicely and behave to answer what the picture in the flashcard shown. If he/she can answer and spell it well, the teachers will give a star reward.



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