Fun Science Activity


By: Preschool Teachers

Science is the system we use to learn about the universe. Science is one of the most important channels of knowledge. The goal of science activities at the preschool age is not to memorize facts but rather how to gain knowledge through observations, experimentation, and play! In this month, Preschool students learn about animal movement, such as run, fly, hop, swim, crawl. ‘Move Like an Animal’ is an exercise game to build motor skills and encourage their creativity. For children, it will help to maintain their intrinsic motivation by playing games with movement. Most kids find “Move Like an Animal” more engaging than conventional forms of ‘exercising’, mainly because they can ultimately focus on having fun with physical challenges rather than just physical training. Animal moves help you to stay in the flow.  In the first step, we let the students observe the animals by watching the video. Then, we will show the animal’s picture and they have to move like the animal shown in the picture. We did it with so much fun together.

There are many experiments that children can do at home. For this fun experiment, they need simple materials by using the materials they have at home to learn about science. Preschoolers may not really understand the science behind the experiments. Last semester, we did some experiments about taste. A taste test experiment is a fun at-home experiment and they learn the vocabulary to describe them.,to%20the%20world%20around%20them.

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