A Child’s Dream


Have you ever been asked the question ‘What’s your dream?’ Some of you might say that you want to go to space and see millions and billions of shimmering stars whereas others might want to be superheroes or even singers on stage performing in front of thousands. Our imagination is endless and our dreams might be completely wild and unthinkable, but that’s why they are wonderful.

As a child myself, I have wondered a lot about what my dreams are. To think about it, I used to dream a lot about what I want to be, and what I want to do, however, it was crushed by the words of adults. The face of reality showed itself too soon for a kid whose imagination was just growing.

A problem that is often frowned upon is telling us, children, that our dreams are useless or unreachable. It destroys our spirits and makes us lose hope on what we want to do. Instead of doing that, adults should support our dreams, especially our own parents because it gives us the confidence to pursue what we want. Motivation and dedication come along with achieving our dreams and we will take it on head strong with the support that is given to us.

In the end, a dream will always be important to hold on to. No matter what others say, we need to continue doing what we love in order to achieve that beautiful dream of ours. We should not let anyone destroy the incredible things we want to do and that imagination of ours. We need to show the world all we have got and face all the challenges head on!

Written by Charlize F. Irwan

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