Developing Long-Term Saving Through Piggy Bank Art


by Kindergarten Teachers

Creativity is often associated with positive emotions such as joy, love, and curiosity. Through art, we can explore and develop new ideas or inspiration to enrich our own creativity. Art is also one of the various things that influence our emotional intelligence. It allows us to learn a new perspective and meaning beyond the art itself, not to mention also help us to solve some life’s problems. Introducing fun learning through art can support our children to express themselves more in such a unique and different way. There are lots of different strategies to teach kids to save money but the most classic and modest way is through the piggy bank. The term of the piggy bank itself essentially comes as a traditional name of a coin container which is normally used by children to save money. Teaching our children to save money is essential; in order to value money and use it wisely because of the process of accomplishing some sort of amount required hard work. Kindergarten 1 students of Metta School’s art lesson includes piggy bank as one of the activities. The students are taught how to make their own piggy bank, thus the process of making their own will also help them to advance their creativity, emotional touch in every part of the art, and also attentiveness. The interesting about the piggy bank is the fact that we can’t get the money out easily in which developing the idea of long-term saving for children. The moment when the children want to take out their money whilst they have to ruin their hand-made piggy bank will make them think twice. The emotional touch that they have put throughout the process will prevent them to take out the money with ease. Therefore, teaching children to save money through art help the children to learn something essential in such a joyful way.

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