Chinnese New Year Celebration


Hundreds of Metta Schools students and teachers attended the Chinese New Year event in the Oval Atrium Ciputra World, Gunung Sari, Kecamatan Dukuhpakis, Surabaya. The event, which was held on Friday, January 20th 2023 started shortly following the mall open hours. It was divided in two sessions, both of which were full of surprisingly good sessions, proudly brought to you by Metta School team.

During the first session, there were many performances like back-to-back singing and dancing by the cute and vigorous kids from preschool, kindergarten, and primary unit. Some cultural competency workshops were also taking place between the shows, such as the Chinese calligraphy session where some teachers, parents, and selected few students took part in the making of the super-long calligraphy on a large piece of cloth, which were to be presented to the mall management in the second session. The following workshop session was the famous Chinese knotting art craftmaking, where Upper Primary students were all following step-by-step instructions from the coach to make traditional knotting art together with their teachers. Near the end of the first session which concluded just before lunchtime, there was a talk show on how to achieve success and prosperity in the Year of The Rabbit. By then, Metta Secondary students were all ready lining up to prepare for the next session.

In the second session which started a while after lunchbreak, Vincent and Eugene masterfully guided the audiences through all sessions. There was a heart-touching musical drama performance by Metta School Secondary, about a kid that didn’t appreciate his mom, then felt devastated and regret when his mom lost her memory of him. High school students did a good job making the audiences shook with laughter and at the same time shed some tears. Before the end of the second session, both Metta School and Ciputra World Management representatives was invited on stage to share a moment together and give a short addressing speech to the audiences, which was impatient for the climax of the school’s Chinese New Year celebration. The day’s event concluded with a Barongsai (a form of traditional dance in Chinese culture) performance.

This event can be a good role model to prove that even during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is not an obstacle for all Metta School teachers and students to organize such amazing events like this. We appreciate everyone in the committee and the performers for making this Chinese New Year event possible and planned absolutely everything necessary for this glorious annual event. We also thank the Ciputra World Mall for sponsoring this event by providing us an opportunity to share a stage with some other institutions throughout the weekend. We are looking forward for you to join Metta School for another amazing events and also amazing education.

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