Teenagers: Then Vs Now


By: Felicia Ong

Teenagers have changed a lot along the years. Here’s a little then vs now. Back then, teenagers had dreams of being a doctor, a policeman, or an astronaut maybe, but now they’d rather be famous on social media platforms, like Instagram or Tik Tok. Teenagers these days, or should I say ‘ kids zaman now’, are different now, but is it a good change? What’s the first thing they do in the morning? They turn on or open their phones. They are hard to take advice and spend most of their time on their gadgets, games or social media. They are less respectful to people they are supposed to respect and can’t live without WiFi.

How do we change their  lifestyle? If you’re a teenager reading this, you should ask yourself these questions before doing something. What are the motive and purpose of what you are going to do? Are these for a good cause? If yes, are you doing it in the right way? There are 3 things you should have for a better lifestyle. First, you should hang out with the right people. Second, practice mindfulness. Last but not the least, have someone you can learn from. We all have to live according to our capacities, not wants, so keep a simple lifestyle.

In conclusion, to have a better lifestyle, stay independent, have morals and reach success.

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