Schooling Vs Education


A survey results 84% of people said they learned things in school they’ve never utilized after they graduated. Furthermore, the average educated adults forget about 40% of what they learned and use just 37% of the knowledge and skills in their everyday lives on average.

Schooling is not as important—that’s the conclusion that many people have come to in recent times. Regarding that fact,

is schooling a waste of time? Should children bother going to school at all?

Many would agree that schooling is about learning.

Schooling helps to develop the skills of learning and socialization, and it has to be supplemented by education. Education is learning with a purpose, or with a goal in mind. It’s not just any kind of learning that takes place—it’s directed toward the future, and it has an end result in mind.

Schooling is learning as a process of acquiring knowledge. It consists of teaching and learning, and at utmost: the training of the mind. Chinese classes are an excellent example to strengthen brain function. These classes help our brain improve its capacity to recall things through memorization. When our brain regularly perceives the subtle information projected by each Chinese character, it builds the connection between words and their concepts, activating it.

Getting to understand the problem, studying the given facts, and collecting information to later identify possible solutions is how Math classes help students get mature when encountering challenges. Math is nothing less than the real world. Its strength is the relevance of its formula to life. The experience of focusing oneself on the pursuit of a solution with strategies that make sense is priceless.

Poetic English class teaches students to express ideas and capture their experience in a wholly unique way; in which words are painted and music is well-pronounced, while rigid grammatical rules demanding accuracy inspire discipline. Science, Music, PE, Di Zi Gui, and other subjects have their own way to help students train their minds. All to shape those who are able to adapt, change, think critically, solve problems, and be more open-minded and empathetic toward others.

When it may be true that adults forget some of the facts they learn at school, their trained brain remains long enough to help them reach satisfaction, and career stability and make an impact on the community. School is just one part of a child’s education, but it is vital. Shall we want all children to succeed at school and beyond, then it’s essential that we recognize the importance of both schooling and education.

A student of life considers the world a classroom
~Harvey Mackay~

By: Rycha Susanto

Compiled by author from various resources

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