Let’s Go Shopping!


– A Field Trip to a Supermarket –

A field trip is a visit to an area outside the usual classroom where children can try new things, have different experiences, and learn valuable life lessons. We believe that a great way to get students excited about the taught topic is to take them on a field trip that reinforces what they are studying. On October 28th, 2022, Preschool and Kindergarten students of Metta School went on a field trip to Hokky Fruit Supermarket, located on St. Darmo Harapan. Some of the topics taught at school are public places and healthy food. Therefore, we chose the supermarket as the right place to do this activity. The theme for this field trip was Let’s Go Shopping!

They can see many supermarket sections, such as toiletries, snacks, bakery and canned food, meat, fresh fish, fresh fruit & vegetable, etc. Students can have the opportunity to see, smell, and learn about the commodities available in supermarkets. Moreover, they can see other people buy their daily needs at the supermarket. In addition, the teacher taught them about healthy foods to eat, which can be purchased at the supermarket.

They also learned about people who worked in supermarkets, such as shopkeepers, store managers, security guards, and cashiers. Thus, they could improve their social skills by saying hello and asking about things they want to know in the supermarket.

In the end, they had to choose fresh and sweet fruit, such as apples and oranges. Kindergarten 2 students learned to weigh their fruits because they had learned about unit weight at school. Then, the teacher explained how they purchased and paid for the fruits.

Overall, it was a fun learning experience for every child. We hope this experience will help our students get to know the supermarket as a whole and make the right choices when it comes to healthy eating.

By: Lydia Stevany Wokas

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