Happy Healthy Me – A Journey to Be a Healthy Kid


The field trip has always been a moment that Metta School students look forward to. This September, they have a chance to visit Royal Clinic, one of the medical centers in Surabaya located at Raya Darmo Permai, West Surabaya. It provides some medical services, such as dental and general medical services.

Visiting a doctor or medical center can be fearful for some children. In this field trip, Metta School students are given a real-life experience so they will understand that there is no need to be scared or fearful when meeting the doctors.

First, students are being led to the general practitioner’s (GP) room to check their height, weight, nails, ears, and throat. After getting checked by the GP, they move to the other room. They get general information about the tools the doctor used. They also have some quizzes where they can get a small snack from the doctor!

Next, they move to the second floor, where the dental services are located. Before getting checked, a dentist comes and gives introductions to the students. She starts by questioning the students about general knowledge about teeth and how to take care of them. Then, she showed the students how to brush their teeth properly. After she finished the introduction, students were led to the dental room to get their teeth decently checked.

At the end of the field trip, all students will get the result report card and have further consultation with their doctor.

At the end of the field trip, all of the students will get the result report card to have further consultation with their doctor.

Overall, Metta School students learn many things from this field trip. Start from patience, bravery, and general knowledge about health. We are excited for the next field trip day. See you!

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