Flag Ceremony and Activities on August 17, 2023, at METTA School


Every August 17, the whole country of Indonesia thunders in a festive celebration, commemorating the Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia. Sunny mornings and cool breezes provide the perfect backdrop for the flag ceremony.

The sky is spread in blue, red, and white, depicting the proudly flown Indonesian flag. Every year, this moment has always been an inseparable part of Indonesian life. And this year, the lively atmosphere feels even more special. As we celebrate the 78th anniversary of independence, the spirit of togetherness in facing challenges that have existed before is strong. Metta School students, teachers, and staff have also prepared on the field to take part in the flag ceremony solemnly.

After the flag ceremony was over, the teachers prepared competitions that would be held at the school to enliven the commemoration of Indonesian independence. There are several competitions held, including carrying marbles with a spoon, throwing a ball into a bowl, rocking balloons in pairs, sack racing, eating crackers, and putting pencils in bottles.

And at the peak of the event on that day, the children were prepared to take part in the tug-of-war competition. They really liked this one competition because, besides being done in teams, the cheers from the audience made them even more excited.

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