Exercising Practical Life through Montessori


By: Preschool Teachers

Parents have a lot of dreams and imagination about their child’s educational program. Feeding the right education will make the children’s future bright. Montessori is one of the subjects that is offered in Metta School.

The Montessori methods of education was developed by Italian physician Maria Montessori. Montessori education helps your child to develop independence, a sense of empathy and social justice, and a lifelong love of learning. According to Maria Montessori, children between 3-6 years old are in an environment called Casa dei Bambini (Children’s House). Having created the foundations of their personality, three-year-old children arrive in a prepared environment ready to develop and perfect their abilities. They learn best through real-life activities that support independence and self-efficacy; manipulation of objects to provide concrete sensorial experience; and open-ended exploration leading to the refinement of their movements, sensory perceptions, language, and the development of their intellect.

In our school, PS2 students are between 3 and 4 years old. This month one of PS2 Montessori is about Practical life activity that is polishing a mirror. Practical life activities give children the opportunity to participate and contribute to their community. The teacher presents the instruction on how to do polishing a mirror activity through a video, then students polish the mirror by following the given instructions. They can feel a sense of accomplishment when they see an object fade behind a coating of polish and then reappear all shiny—after a little rubbing. Polishing activities give students a chance to synthesize preliminary skills, such as making a cotton swab and using a liquid glass cleaner, into an orderly sequence that yields such a satisfying result.  


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