By: Ms Dian-K1A

“Good habits formed at youth make all the difference” (Aristotle – Greek philosopher and polymath). Come from this concern and the fact that children may forget what they’ve learned in offline class, Metta School is making a special class session once a week that will answer parents’ concerns. This class session is called “Drilling”. This class is about the fun lessons and good habits in offline class that are missing during virtual class, such as eating together, putting on socks and shoes, having fun with classmates in class opening games, and making art together.

 Back then, when we were still studying together in one room, face to face, these activities are the most fun activities among all substantial lessons. The harmony of the students’ voices when they say meal pledge, the view of students finishing their meal in the allotted time without being picky, the view of children sitting on the floor in front of their lockers to put on their socks and shoes, the laugh and fun from the students when they play together with their teachers and also the excitement that is shown from their faces when they show their parents the art that they’ve made during class. These kinds of excitement and habits are disappeared during the first semester of the virtual class. Their parents complained about how they start to be picky eaters and rarely finish their meals at home. Some of them were also lost interest in school since the virtual school was only about studying.

To fill the missing part, the “Drilling” class session is inserted in each class timetable. In Kindergarten 1, the “Drilling” class is held every Friday. We teach students about the good habits which are eating nicely, putting on socks and shoes, making art together and also doing some fun activities together. Surely, we cannot see the result in an instant, but after a while, students start showing good results from the investment of these activities. They have fun more than before and they also show more disciplinary manner towards school rules. Now, virtual school is not only about transferring academic knowledge but also maintaining children’s mental health and good behavior.

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