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    At Metta School, we strive to be a steadfast high quality school, with moral ethics, good heart and mind, high tolerance, compassion to all sentient beings, and active participant in educating the nations.



     ACADEMIC CALENDAR 2018 – 2019
    Second Semester

    1, (Holiday) New Year 2018
    2-4, (Holiday) Semester Holiday
    7, First Day of School
    25, (Event) Nutrition Day for Primary & Secondary
    4-5, (Holiday) Chinese New Year
    1-15, Mid-Semester Test for Primary & Secondary
    7, (Holiday) Saka New Year
    22, (Event) Open House
    3, (Holiday) Isra Miraj
    19, (Holiday) Good Friday
    1, (Holiday) Labor Day
    13, (Holiday) A day off for final test prep. for Secondary
    14-23, Final Semester Test for Secondary
    15, (Holiday) A day off for final test prep. for Primary
    16-23, Final Semester Test for Primary
    20, (Holiday) Vesak Day
    24, (Holiday) End of Semester until July, 12
    28-29, Graduation / Report Card
    1, Pancasila Day
    4-5, (Holiday) Idul Fitry
    12, PTA Meeting and Orientation Day for Primary 1 students only
    15, First Day of School

    Our Goals

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    Year 2019 – 2020
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    Admissions Information

    We are currently accepting applications for Toddler, Preschool, Kindergarten, Primary, and Secondary for the 2019—2020 academic year.
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    Yes, there are tears
    There are screams and heartbreaks
    No, it's not perfect
    Life never will be

    But, we have each other
    Holding hands
    As one, let's rise up
    Chin up
    Face today and tomorrow
    And the day after tomorrow
    And again
    And again
    Together, we rise up

    A virtual choir by Metta School's students.

    A blast!