I Can Do It by Myself

By: Preschool Teachers Building independence is part of an individual’s social skills; self-reliance allows the child to feel they have control over their life. If

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By: 高美麗 数学是人们要学习的一门重要学科,所以家长都非常重视幼儿学习数学。从年龄还小,家长就开始教幼儿数数、计算。可是,即使幼儿能背这些数字,他们不一定能认识数字更别说理解每个数字的含义了。 法国哲学家、物理学家和数学家Pascal说过:“人类的心智,天生就是具有数学性的,而数学的知识和进步都是来自正确的观察。”

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