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The Importance of Good Manners for Kids

By: Preschool Teachers

Teaching children moral lessons may be important not only to make them strong but also to help them face the world well. One of the basic moral lessons for children is about good manners. Parents may like to instill good manners in their children as early as they can start. Good manners may help to shape our child into a pleasant and loving person, and also boost their social IQ. Morals tend to be driven by personal beliefs and values as well.

In Metta school, one of our missions is to build awareness regarding the importance of basic moral and ethical behavior starting from the preschool level to the elementary, junior high, and up to the university level to affect pro-social change in our society. In PS2, we have a moral lesson once a week. We introduce good manners by telling a story about one of the good manners and showing how to use the phrases in daily life. To make it fun we also use songs to teach about good manners. We commonly use phrases like ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ while dealing with our students. Constant and consistent modeling of good manners may assist our students in adopting them so that it becomes an integral part of their life.

When the children grow, they will develop a sense of morality that affects how they treat other people and how they view justice. Their beliefs, temperament, and life experiences are just a few things that will influence their sense of morality. Besides good manners, we introduce how to treat their friends in order to treat them with love and respect. Making friends are important life skills to have. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way students interact with their friends. One of the ways we build our students’ social skills during this situation is by greeting each other before we start the lessons.