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Socializing during the pandemic

The global pandemic was a surprise to everyone, and with this said, people had to find ways to adapt quickly from all aspects of the human needs. The beginning of the pandemic was a struggle since we had to find new and safer ways to do things, one of which was how to socialize. Since the virus is highly contagious through bodily fluids, a social distancing rule has been announced and needs to be applied everywhere to ensure safety.

For some, not socializing is the usual, but for those who are usually constantly socializing, the beginning of the pandemic was a struggle. However, I believe with the help of a little technology, we are able to communicate even though not face-to-face. We can use a variety of social media to inform others on how we are doing and check on how our loved ones are doing. A great way of communication is through text messaging since it is quick and simple. With most texting apps, a voice call or a video call service is also available, this way we can talk to them virtually and ensure that we are staying safe at home.

Currently, the situation of the pandemic is yet to be lifted, however, it is getting better with vaccines starting to be given out so that we can meet with people and socialize. Nevertheless, we can do so with the right etiquette-consisting of following: the social distancing rules, wearing masks and face protectors and lastly washing our hands or using hand sanitizer after and before doing something. This way we can keep everyone safe and contribute to ending this pandemic sooner.

In conclusion, I believe that socializing can be done through a lot of media, thanks to the advancement in technology. When the pandemic is over globally, we will be able to celebrate with our loved ones and communicate directly face to face. However, in order to end the pandemic, we  have to follow the rules and maybe put off meeting face-to-face a little bit longer.

By: Velia