Parent’s Testimony

“Metta School is teaching my kids moral education where my kids can learn how to behave, how to respect others especially the elders, and how to show loving kindness to everyone. I really respect how the teachers put a lot of effort in observing my kids at school. So in the end of the day, I will get the report of my kids and it’s very good and important for me because I will know the progress of my kinds on daily basis.”

(Maggie Astrid Liando – Parent of Primary Student)






“During this pandemic I am very satisfied that Metta School is prepared for the online learning. Since we are all at home, I can hear the way the teachers and students interact. The teachers are very attentive, passionate and very patient, so I’m sure that our kids in a very good hand. Concerning online learning platform, Metta School hasl already begun to keep up with the technology even before the pandemic. I’m pretty amazed that Metta School has succesfully adapted online learning and it’s going seamlessly.”

(Ibu Dwi Rini – Parent of Secondary Student)






“Why I choose Metta School for my kids because Metta School teaches my kids how to be independent, Metta School is not only focusing on academic but also focusing on character development, integrity and kindness.”

(Ibu Yuliana Kurniawan – Parent of Preschool Student)







“Saya puas sekali menyekolahkan anak kami di Metta School, karena selain mengutamakan nilai akademis, sekolah juga mengutamakan budi pekerti dan moralitas. Ini dibuktikan tidak hanya dari murid-muridnya, tetapi juga dari guru dan staf di sekolah itu sangat baik sekali. Anak-anak kami pun di sekolah merasa bahagia, tiap hari mereka enjoy sekali di sekolah.”

(Ibu Dian Juliantine – Parent of Primary Student)