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Computer in Early Childhood

A computer can help children learn and should be used reflectively by both children and their teachers. According to Haugland, 1PP, Simulations are models of some parts of the world. Games such as “Life” and “Monopoly” are simulations. Computer simulations are mathematical models based on real-world information which attempt to respond in realistic ways. Simulations […]

Montessori And Distance Learning

By: Diba Patricia Ariani Talking about the Montessori method of education, we must know that even Maria Montessori herself believed that education should be a pliable concept. It means education should be flexible. It can be adapted to meet not only the needs of the child but the constraints of the environment. When COVID – […]


By: Rycha Susanto Over the course of hundreds of years, from generation to generation stories and myths have been passed down. They tell us how the earth was created and men came to their existence. Each civilization described its origins in different ways. We just celebrated the Lunar New Year and started the Year of […]

Giving Children Choices

By: Ms. Silvia Irene Parents sometimes make decisions and then impose those decisions on their children. They want the best for their children and, they believe their choices are the best. However, everyone likes to have choices in the things they do. They forget that children need choices. There are some children who will just […]

I Can Do It by Myself

By: Preschool Teachers Building independence is part of an individual’s social skills; self-reliance allows the child to feel they have control over their life. If a child is not allowed to gain independence, they may react with anger and resistance, especially during their phase of self-affirmation, which is often wrongly called the phase of opposition. […]


By: 高美麗 数学是人们要学习的一门重要学科,所以家长都非常重视幼儿学习数学。从年龄还小,家长就开始教幼儿数数、计算。可是,即使幼儿能背这些数字,他们不一定能认识数字更别说理解每个数字的含义了。 法国哲学家、物理学家和数学家Pascal说过:“人类的心智,天生就是具有数学性的,而数学的知识和进步都是来自正确的观察。” 幼儿还处在感官学习的阶段,丰富的感官体验从何而来?这些不是靠看动画片,也不是靠纸上操练获得的,而是来源于对环境的感受和观察。眼睛看到,手摸得到,耳朵听到,多感官的体验,丰富着大脑神经元。 那如何教幼儿认识数字呢? 最简单的方法就给他们听一些数字歌。 当收拾玩具时,叫他们边数一数,边收拾东西。 在家时,可以叫他们数一数家里的东西,比如:房间里有几个枕头,几把椅子等等。 让他们按家长说的数字来画一些东西。 出门时,可以问一下他们,比如:汽车、摩托车等有几个轮胎。 早上带他们去散步时,可以叫他们看看邻居家的号码,他们能不能认得出这些数字。 去超市时,让他们帮你哪些水果或其他东西。按照你说的数字来拿,这样能让幼儿对数字更加熟悉。 其实,教幼儿认识数字有各种各样的方法,不仅仅靠纸上操练的才能让幼儿认识数字。希望每个家长教幼儿认识数字的时候能用一些有趣的方法,这样幼儿会更愿意学习而且学习的时候也不会有压力。

Motor Skills Activities for Kids

By: M. Afif Fadli Early childhood is the golden age. It is the most essential time to stimulate children’s motor abilities. Stimulations at this very age help accelerate the development of motor capabilities enabling children to stand, sit and play actively. Well-developed motor skills increase the chance of children becoming more dynamic and healthier individuals. […]