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Let’s Talk about Hope

Compiled by: Rycha Susanto Hello, everyone.World Book Day is celebrated this April. This year’s theme is ‘Share a Story’. Did you know that long before there were printed books, people would tell stories through poems? And not only stories, you can express your mood, thoughts and feelings with rhythm, rhyme, repetition and vivid language. Below […]

Children Developing Independence

By: Preschool Teachers Preschool-age children develop a sense of independence by practicing skills and doing things for themselves. Developing independence in children is not easy. It can take an infinite amount of patience. In order to raise a child who will become increasingly more independent as they grow older, we should teach them life skills, […]

Exercising Practical Life through Montessori

By: Preschool Teachers Parents have a lot of dreams and imagination about their child’s educational program. Feeding the right education will make the children’s future bright. Montessori is one of the subjects that is offered in Metta School. The Montessori methods of education was developed by Italian physician Maria Montessori. Montessori education helps your child […]

Matching and Sorting Skills for Preschool

By: Preschool Teachers Education is a part of life. It should be fun and exciting especially for kids. Giving a simple activity with great benefits would be helpful to develop their understanding. One of the simple activities that have lots of benefits is matching and sorting activity or games. Matching and sorting are the simplest […]


By: Peng laoshi 在這國際化的現代裡,學習其他的語言可以幫助孩子們增加世界觀。往後,也可以在外地開設公司或著引進其他國家的商品來促進觀光以及經濟。Metta School是提倡三種語言的學校,除了基本的母語印尼文,也要求學生學習英文以及中文。讓小孩從小就與國際接軌,我認為這樣子能幫小孩子建立未來的橋樑,也讓小孩子贏在人生的起跑點。學習語言的優點也有很多,例如:

Show Your Kindness – Spread the Love

By: Kindergarten Teachers Metta School values ​​moral education for our children. One of the essences of moral lessons itself is kindness. Kindness matters. It can turn a child’s whole day around. When you have kind children, the day is brighter and more productive too. How can we as teachers improve our kids’ behavior and attitudes […]

A Child’s Dream

Have you ever been asked the question ‘What’s your dream?’ Some of you might say that you want to go to space and see millions and billions of shimmering stars whereas others might want to be superheroes or even singers on stage performing in front of thousands. Our imagination is endless and our dreams might […]

Fun Science Activity

By: Preschool Teachers Science is the system we use to learn about the universe. Science is one of the most important channels of knowledge. The goal of science activities at the preschool age is not to memorize facts but rather how to gain knowledge through observations, experimentation, and play! In this month, Preschool students learn […]


By: Kindergarten Teacher This January, Kindergarten 2 students at Metta School had Farm Theme for their English subject. There are many interesting things that we can learn from Farm, such as the farm animals, barn, farmer, field, crops, and other things that come from the farm. To enhance students’ knowledge in this theme, they need […]


识字、写字教学是低年级语文教学的一项重要任务。新课标在识字、写字方面,实行” 认写分开”、”多认少写”,提出”会认、会写”两种要求,这对培养学生的阅读能力以及获取信息的能力都有重要意义。但是,低年级学生在掌握字形方面是难点,如何突破这个难点呢?今天给大家11条建议。