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Is English important for Children?

By: Preschool Teachers

English is the language of international communication and the need to learn English for children has increased exponentially with this growth. It feels essential to develop English-speaking skills in the child’s early years of education. Here are several reasons why children should learn English

  1. Children effortlessly learn English as they soak it up like a sponge.
  2. Young children have the ability to learn foreign languages accent-free.
  3. Being bilingual makes them smarter.
  4. Knowing English improves their native language skills, as well.

There are four basic language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. At Metta School, our main language is English and one of the important lessons is English. For PS2 students, we emphasize developing children’s listening and speaking skills by introducing the new vocabularies through pictures. This August our English theme for PS2 students is all about things at school. They are learning by listening to a new word spoken by the teacher’s. Then they try to repeat the vocabulary that they hear. Unfortunately this year we still have our classes virtually so we can’t feel the real atmosphere of school and also we can not see the real things at school. However, we still had so much fun doing virtual activities together about things at school.

What is our activity? After the teacher finishes introducing the vocabulary, we play “find the  hidden objects” at school. Teacher shows some pictures to the children then they have to find and mention the things that they can see at school. Parents can guide the children to find the objects at home. Learning English is so much fun, right?