Alumni Testimony

Owen Huang Wijaya
“Metta School is not just about academics, it has other fun subjects such as art, music and sports. For those of you guys who don’t know, I spent 10 years there since kindergarten and one of the best parts of Metta is the people who are there. The Teachers are very nice and supportive and students there are very fun to hang out with. After graduating I could continue my Studies in Sekolah Ciputra. For any one of you who wants to apply to Metta School, take advantages of the opprrtunities that Metta School has offered and it’s a great place to start new journey. Thank You and Stay Safe.”


Michelle Wibowo Ongko
“Through all the years I’ve studied at Metta School, I’ve learned so many things beyond academics, but the most importantly I learned how to be my own leader. What I remember best about Metta School is for sure the community. All staffs, teachers, classmates and friends that I had there were always super genuine and real and carring toward me. They always gave me constructive Criticisms that make me to a better person. Since I graduated from Metta School I’ve been able to use all the knowledge that they’ve equipped me with. If I could give any advice to students who are considering to enroll to this school or any parents who are considering to enroll their children to this school will for sure to take advantage of all the wonderfull opprrtunities that Metta School has offered.”

Cherrie Wang
“I’ve graduated from Metta School and I will be attending National Taiwan University soon. Some of the subjects that I learned were English, Chinese, Bahasa Indonesia, Math and Science and a whole lot more. But other than subjects we also learned moral values such as being respectful and kind. One of my favorite subject was definitely English because I love literature and I enjoy the class. The teachers are very attentive and our friends are very carring. So you can say, it’s a safe environment. I’ve also achieved quite a few things while I was studying there and two main ones were dancing competition and singging competition. I’ve been to several social events. One of them was bazaar that only held during Vesak Event, something I’d say its positive and I am proud of. It is definitely that our school looks beyond knowledge also looks at personalities and the person themselves and not only academics.”