About Metta


Today, the development of science, technology and mass media has been growing at such a rapid pace, and we are told that in this Age of Information much is possible. However, this progress has not been balanced with a constant and considerate eye towards the development of the human mind and soul.  It seems that our society remains, and at times, has become even less harmonious. Human values and morals seem to be decreasing day by day in the disconnect that exists between the advancement of technology and the time for reflection on how to become better human beings. Every day we read about or see so much violence such as riots, rapes, murders, wars, and so forth. All of these problems have made our precious lives become more uncomfortable, while in fact, all we want is to live in harmony and in peace.

Based on this incongruity, we as a Buddhist society were motivated to open a school which emphasizes Buddhist moral values in order to develop an education program that equally balances socio-emotional skills with academic cognitive and physical development. We aim to provide a well-rounded education to all students with caring and concerned teachers working in a Buddhist atmosphere conducive to learning while valuing each child’s unique talents and potential.

“We cannot change the world. We cannot change others. We can only change ourselves.” Here is the great message from Buddha Gautama. If we can change ourselves into a good person, then the number of bad people in this world will be lessened by one. If this message is applied by each individual, it is certain that every family will be in harmony, every society will be in good condition, and our loving country and nation will be at peace. These ideals are at the core of our educational philosophy and teaching pedagogy given to each individual and family at our school.